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The Hardest Part - Washed Out
Human Creator:
Paul Trillo

Pushing through a tunnel of lovers' time together on a fast-paced camera rollercoaster, Paul Trillo adds to his output of new Sora work alongside Washed Out's shoegazey track. 


A Real Life - Greek Fire
Human Creator:
Kavan the Kid

Take off your VR goggles and prepare for a dystopian world of anarchist bikers and cyberpunk backlash in this new one from Kavan the Kid for the song by Greek Fire. 

Lost - Linkin Park

Human Creator: Maciej Kuciara

Watch as Kuciara's unique anime style infuses with an AI-assisted version of LP in this stunning music video.

Bad Man - Disturbed

Human Creator: Tristan Holmes

Political shapeshifters and anarchy reign through this music video for the band Disturbed.

Cats of Beverly Hills
Human Creator:

Matan Cohen-Grumi

Felines living their best posh lives, set to a meowtastic original song. 

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