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Human Creator:

Inspired by True Detective, Phil Langer aka thebytepit brings us a gothic mix of haunting imagery that comes alive in the forest. 

Beyond Our Reality
Human Creator:
Don Allen III

An early days Sora film exploring the bizarre possibility of hybrid animals.

Thank You For Not Answering

Human Creator: Paul Trillo

One man recalls the span of his relationship with a woman in this unique and poignant experimental film.

Human Creator:
Kavan the Kid

A man descends into the depths of ocean imagination in this lush output from Kavan the Kid. The best cologne commercial ever made?

Welcome to Lucian

Human Creator: Matt Mayle

Explore a town where bio-printers bring fantastic new creatures to life. 

The Carnival of the Ages

Human Creator: Justin Hackney

Visit a golden age theme park that only the wildest imaginations could conjure up.

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