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Easter Bunny
Human Creator:
Dave Clark

You ever see those creepy vintage Easter Bunny mall photographs? Well here's the perfect companion piece short film.

Human Creator:

Inspired by True Detective, Phil Langer aka thebytepit brings us a gothic mix of haunting imagery that comes alive in the forest. 

The Myth
Human Creators:
Hilario Abad, Esteban Diba, and Javi Lería

A child-alien fears ever running into the scary humans he sees on TV.

The Frost:
Part One [12:55]
Human Creator:
Josh Rubin

A sci-fi antarctic tale about an exploration team that decides to chase after a strange signal. Reminiscent of films like THE THING (1982).

I Am Love
Human Creator:
Abel Art

Will horror give way to pure love?

Invasion - Trailer
Human Creator:

When UFO's land across the world, how will humans rise up? This sci-fi trailer is filled with haunting imagery.

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