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Borrowing Time
Human Creator:
Dave Clark

Dave Clark's cinematic poem delves into dark civil rights issues of 1960's America, pushing the boundaries of narrative storytelling using ai.

The Myth
Human Creator:
Hilario Abad, Esteban Diba & Javi Lería

A child-alien fears ever running into the scary humans he sees on TV.

Air Head
Human Creator:
shy kids

What's life like as a man with helium in his head? A charming short film made with Sora. 


The Prometheus Expedition
Human Creator:
Abel Art

The many mysteries surrounding a secret government project in Europe come to light through documentary footage and interviews in this enigmatic output from Abel Art.

Bone Whale - Episode 1
Human Creator:
Mind Wank

The story of a young girl who runs away from home to become a whaler, rendered in a beautiful anime style. Watch the entire series here.


Human Creator:
Anna Apter

Portraiture of children celebrating milestones with a voice-over that will make you ponder your use of social media.

The Frost: Part One
Human Creator:
Josh Rubin

A sci-fi antarctic tale about an exploration team that decides to chase after a strange signal. Reminiscent of films like THE THING (1982).

Help Changes Everything
Human Creator:
Paul Trillo

Painterly moving images that push the boundaries of new media art, director Paul Trillo inspires with this commercial for Go Fund Me.

Bob Smithee
Human Creator:
Roberto Beragnoli

A short documentary retelling the life of a director who makes movies that will never exist.

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