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Human Creator:
YZA Voku

Beautiful black and white cinematography, evocative portraiture and a Charles Bukowski-esque narration. This one definitely goes in the experimental category. 

Nightmare N° 24
Human Creator:
Léo Cannone

There's a bull in every one of us. Léo Cannone brings us this beautiful black and white vision that evokes early Denis Villeneuve films like Enemy and Polytechnique.

Human Creator:
Kavan the Kid

A man descends into the depths of ocean imagination in this lush output from Kavan the Kid. The best cologne commercial ever made?

Lost - Linkin Park
Human Creator:
Maciej Kuciara 

Watch as Kuciara's unique anime style infuses with an AI-assisted version of LP in this stunning music video.

The Carnival of the Ages
Human Creator:
Justin Hackney

Visit a golden age theme park that only the wildest imaginations could conjure up.

I am Love
Human Creator: Abel Art

Will horror give way to pure love?

Ocean Muse
Human Creator:
The Visible Maker

Poetry in dreamy, oceanic motion.

Human Creator:
Abel Art

The story of a man who wakes up one morning with an empty fridge and a mind full of memories.

Bad Man - Disturbed
Human Creator:
Tristan Holmes

Political shapeshifters and anarchy reign through this music video for the band Disturbed.

Not a Dystopia
Human Creator: iamNeubert

Ambient future atmosphere amongst brutalist architecture and a focused color palete. 

Thank You For Not Answering
Human Creator:
Paul Trillo

One man recalls the span of his relationship with a woman in this unique and poignant experimental film.

Cats of Beverly Hills
Human Creator:

Matan Cohen-Grumi

Felines living their best posh lives, set to a meowtastic original song. 

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